We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.

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wow people are turning gaza into a joke now “reasons my cat is problematic: doesn’t understand the current conflict in palestine, is kind of an asshole” congratulations over 1,000 people are dead, many more are injured, hundreds of thousands are displaced, and you’re the scum of the earth 

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Anonymous asked: yo yo yo im black son and even doe i be gettin mad upset at white people hate ain't the way to go na mean. i don't belee mlk would want it to go down like dat ya hurd. reverse hate a'int poppin






**nigel thornberry voice**

and here we have a white fool (cracker longbackus in scientific terms) in his preferred environment. i.e. invading poc spaces.note the sloppy mimicry, the shoddy attempt at camouflage. oddly enough, the white fool often believes his minstrel show will accepted without question, but as always…he been seent.

stay tuned for the next foray into pathetic crackertivities

Crying at the grace of this read. Nigel. Thornberry. *collapses*


I fucking hate yall.